If I fill several loan requests, is this affect my credit score?

Yes, make multiple applications is very damaging to your credit score. Our financing specialists will qualify you in one of our financing program, then, make the request in the best one for your credit situation. This not to hurt your credit score.

Why 360 Auto Credit if I have a good credit score?

We shop the best interest rate for you. Our credit specialists are familiar with the different programs and they will make you get the best financing plan on the market. We can qualify for your next car in order to increase your bargaining power.

What is the difference 360 car loan if my credit is bad or not-establish?

Our programs are designed to offer you the best financing solution based on your current credit situation. In addition, our credit specialists aim to rectify your situation, and if possible, reduce your interest rate inside your financing term. We aim to qualify you under standard financing program as quickly as possible.

Is it possible to refinance my own car?

Yes, it is possible to refinance your own car to reduce your payment or to use the money for another project

Is some cases are refused?

We have 100% acceptance.

Is there any car model limitations?

No, we have access to over 5000 vehicles of all makes. We can also find the vehicle brand, model and color you want, new or used.

Is possible to finance a vehicle that I find myself?

Certainly, we offer financing solutions for new and used vehicles that they come from dealer or individual. We can also assess if you pay the fair market price for the vehicle found.

What are your interest rates?

Rates may vary according to your credit status and programs availability at the time of your application. We assure you the best rate depending on your file.

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